Paragliding Tuition

Airways Airsports is one of the few schools to use a winch to teach you the skills needed to safely fly a paraglider. The key advantages of winch training are that it is a relatively quick and easy way to learn paragliding.

With none of the complications of learning early paragliding skills on a hill, a typical student will complete their 10-day paragliding course in a few weeks, rather than months or years using traditional teaching methods.

All paragliding courses start with safety and basic theory but you will usually progress to your first flight by early afternoon.  When first airborne, you will be just a few feet from the ground, doing short flights, increasing to covering distances of up to 500 metres. As you progress you fly higher on each go and, with no hill to climb between flights, you will maintain better concentration and conserve your energy for the paragliding, typically completing five or six training flights a day.

Teaching is progressive and once you have mastered the basic skills on the winch we can easily convert you to hill or powered flying. If your aim is to do tandem paragliding, we can do that too.  Once you have your Club pilot Certificate you can go to any paragliding winch operation in the country to go towing, or you can go on to do a hill conversion course.

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