Paramotoring Conversion

For pilots who already have a paragliding rating, this is a popular conversion that opens the door to total pilot autonomy. Add a paramotoring qualification to your winch or hill CP and all you need is an open flat space to get you airborne.

The power conversion course is for qualified paraglider pilots to adapt their skills to paramotoring. Once you have a minimum of your CPC (winch or hill) paragliding qualification, your power rating is a straightforward step.

The course is progressive, starting with some theory, then daily inspections, set up and start procedure.  You will then move on to general groundhandling with the wing and motor combination.

You will do a few engine-on practice aborted take offs, followed by your first circuits.  Once you are confident with flying around the airfield, you will do your qualifying cross country flights.

The two-day conversion course is £ 599, or pay just £ 299 if you purchase your equipment from us or if you have already completed your paragliding course on Best Deal. 

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