Warren C (Trip Advisor) - microlight experience

Took my wife for a microlite flight as a birthday gift. We both had a wonderful experience. The staff, instructors and facilities were excellent. Have done similar before and this was head and shoulders the best experience to date. Would recommend these guys highly.


Barbara S (Trip Advisor) - microlight experience

A present for my 93 year old Dad and his grandson. What a fantastic experience. The pilot Mark was just brilliant with my dad who has mobility problems. Nothing was too much trouble. The film made of the trip will give him endless hours of pleasure. I can highly recommend this adventure whatever your age or infirmity


Pat Halligan (AGED 80!!!) - tandem hang gliding


Thank you for my exciting day in the clouds. I am really glad I did it and I feel really priveleged that Judy took me up.

Steve Kasch - paragliding day taster

I finally got around to biting the bullet and booking myself into a taster day for paragliding and I am so glad I did. The day was absolutely everything I had hoped it would be and so much more. The mix between friendly banter and professionalism was exactly right and at all times I felt completely safe and relaxed. Our little group of four seemed to work well and our instructor had us all working as a team and helping each other out in no time at all. Everything that needed explaining was taken care of yet we were not spoon fed everything as though we were children back at school and the whole day felt like a real adventure. I will definitely be taking things further and would recommend the taster day to anyone.

Allan Biddulph - sports light aircraft experience

20 min flight in a small sports plane.. 20 mins of quality experience.. got lucky with the day beautiful sunshine light crosswinds. Soon up in the sky looking down over Ashbourne and Dovedale.. Mark keeping me entertained with his witty chat and knowledge of craft and area. Got to have a go of the controls.. sooo exciting. Can't believe I flew it even if only for 5 mins! Made my day. Before heading back Mark had some fun and experienced couple of positive and negative G force woohoo!! Will deffo have another go.. recommend to all loved it.

 Michael Hulme - flexwing microlight flight
I cannot thank Mark enough for his skill, patience, knowledge and friendliness in making my microlight flying experience one of the most exhillarating days in my life. You can also buy a keepsake video of your flight which is recorded on a wing mounted camera. These cost £30 and come by way of a usb stick, you are not pressurised into buying. All in all a brilliant experience I would recommend to everyone to try at least once in their lives. There is no better company to do it with than Airways Airsports.


John Evans, - paragliding taster day

A belated thank you for the wonderful taster day I had with you all at Airways on Friday 11th November in light winds and sunshine.  A special thanks to Shelley for her patience, excellent teaching and introducing me to this wonderful form of flight.


Dawn &  Mick Barks, - microlight flight

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the lovely welcoming friendly staff at Airways Airports. My husband did a flex wing microlight flight with Mark today and really enjoyed it, I'm sure he will be back in the future to try another experience.

If anyone ever asks us where they could buy a flight experience from we will definitely be recommending you. 

Thanks again


Baden Turney, microlight experience

It's now 9.30pm, and I still haven't come down! I have never felt so much terror/excitement at the same time, in my life!!
It now appears my life has become divided between, before I went up in a micro light, and since I went up in a micro light, if you know what I mean.
Again, many, many thanks.


Phil Veasey, microlight experience


On Monday the 15th June, I left earth for the very first time. As Chris, my pilot and instructor for the flight took off, I think they heard my WHOOOOPS of joy and elation in Ashbourne.

IT WAS WONDERFUL. I even got to point the aircraft in the right direction, a little to ambitious to say I was flying, but I was in semi control.  These are a great group of people, Chris was excellent and kept giving me encouragement and telling how to keep the plane in a straight line. I even got a certificate and a framed photo of the plane, signed by Chris as a memento of the day. I know what I want for Christmas.

Thank you Airways, for a very memorable day.

Paul Bundy, paragliding introduction


"I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for an amazing afternoon yesterday (Sunday 22nd March) on the introduction to paragliding course! 
The course was given to me as a Christmas present and I have to say it was one of the best gifts I have ever recieved! The instructors were informative, friendly and very knowledgeable. They were great fun, professional and had a fantastic positive attitude throughout the sessions and kept smiling even when running up the field holding the tow rope.
The tandem flight was fantastic and Lawrie was an inspiration in his attitude to flying and making the seemingly impossible possible!
The whole afternoon was well set out and a great introduction to paragliding. It was an experience I will never forget!"



André Ferreira, paragliding day


"Many thanks to Lawrie and all the other amazing people at Airways Airsports for the awesome times! Onwards and upwards!"

Tim Hesketh, tandem hang gliding

"Huge thanks to Judy and all the team at Airways for looking after Jane Hesketh for her first (of many?) hang-glider flight on Saturday. She's not managed to wipe the smile off her face yet!  Best birthday present ever. I suspect we'll be making the trip back to Airways Airsports again sooner than I had expected!  I may even be tempted to have a go myself, or I might just watch and enjoy the wonderful cake in the cafe! Maybe the lemon one this time?  Thanks again! Brilliant!"

Patrick Reilly, tandem hang gliding 

"Had an excellent day yesterday. A big thank you to Judy for teaching me more in the two flight than I have in all my previous attempts at other hill schools. I could have saved myself a LOT of money if I had come to you guys first. You have got an excellent setup and everyone was very helpful and friendly. It was also.great to see the old lady going for a ride in the Tiger Moth. Respect to her indeed. Thank you very much again".

A Wonderful Time; Trip Advisor - microlight flight

"20 minute microlight gift flight for my brother inlaw today. He had the most wonderful time with a very cool pilot called Mark. Mark made us all feel really welcome and special - plenty of photo opportunities for the kids, nothing was hurried. It was all just really well run and good fun. There are other activities going on there with a Tiger Moth flight being on the next gift list for me (Over the dams, please if you are reading wifey). Great little cafe on site providing home cooked food and a bar. Add good weather, and what more can you ask for. Highly recommended".

Rebekah Rogers; flexwing experience

"A huge thank you for taking my husband Matt flying on friday, he loved it and yes you were right Shelly this is going to cost us money.....lol. Im sure he will be back for lessons soon".


Andrew Porteous;  paramotor day taster

"Just a brief email to say thank you very much for such a great day last Saturday.The flight was excellent, the whole "on the ground" set up from the people to the food were all perfect."

John Warden;  paragliding course 

"I’d like to say that I have been hugely impressed by everyone at Airways over the past three months.  Andy and Lawrie have been great instructors and there’s always a friendly atmosphere in the club house.  So thanks to you and all the crew for everything so far."

Beyond Expectations!; Trip Advisor, microlight flight

My husband used his birthday voucher yesterday to do some Microlight Flying.
The experience was second to none.
Highly recommend Airways Airsports, especially....
Mark the Pilot who was brilliant making my husband feel at ease, most welcoming, friendly, informative, looking after my husband all the way through the flight and whilst landing.
Purchased a DVD of the Flight which we wanted to show the grandchildren.
Spectators made to feel very welcome and there is a super Bistro for food or just a coffee. All the staff very friendly and helpful.
Superb Spectators area.
An enjoyable time by all!!

Chris Money;  tandem hang gliding, plus paragliding course

"A few years ago my brother and I were looking for a sport that we could take up and would fulfil a lifelong yearn to fly.  I decided to give Airways a try, having checked out the website.

Airways offered a full range of facilities and training courses and we weren't sure which way we wanted to go, so we started with a Tandem Hang Gliding session and a Paragliding day taster.

Judy took us both for our Hang gliding session with a tow up to 3,000ft and then a tour round the local area and demonstration of a few manoeuvres in her typical majestic style - a very tempting introduction to the sport.

The remainder of the day we spent learning to Paraglide and unlike many similar sports where you spend days/weeks before making any real progress, we managed to get airborne a number of times on our own and get a really good feel for what it was all about - we were hooked! We signed up for the optimum package to get us the kit and qualifications to take up the sport.

The final piece of this was taking part in a trip to France (Laragne) with Airways - this is the type of trip where you find out just how fantastic a sport this is, and the organisation and support we got from the Airways team was superb.

It's now three years on and we are still evolving our skills, throughout the whole process everyone at Airways has always been professional and supportive, everyone is passionate about the sport and keen to see others progress at a pace that suits them.

If like me, you love the outdoors and exhilarating sports then paragliding/hangliding is something you should definitely try and Airways can offer you all the help you need to take it wherever you want to go."

Frank Lally; paragliding course

"The instructors were friendly and encouraging which really helps because training can be demanding and mentally draining at times. I thoroughly enjoyed my tow courses (EP/CP) at Airways, which took about three weeks. The skills that I learned there helped me to become an independent pilot after qualifying, when it is important to make one’s own assessments and decisions. If you are considering a paragliding tow course I would highly recommend doing it at Airways Airsports."

Aaron Thomas microlight experience

''Absolutely top drawer. Chris, the instructor was brilliant, really knowledgeable, and constantly passing on useful information/observations which really made the time fly!

Clive Robinson;  microlight course

''Twelve months ago I made the decision to ignore the 30 odd flying schools closer to me and come to Airways instead. This involved 140 hours of driving and 7000 miles at the expense of £650 of DERV.

My purchasing policy has always been to buy the best possible products or services available, a policy that has always paid dividends. Such is the case with the microlight tuition at Airways, quite simply the best available. The detailed and relaxed information flow from the instructors has prepared me well for the release from school learning into the club learning environment. 

At Aiways, learning is only part of the experience due to the relaxed friendly atmosphere that pervades the airfield where no-one need ask for help as it is being freely offered when needed.

Was it worth it? Too bl***y right it was!    Many Thanks to you all.''









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