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NPPL Tuition

To fly a microlight aircraft you require a National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL), with ‘Microlight’ type rating. This is gained by undergoing a microlight training course with a qualified instructor at a microlight school, in accordance with a CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) syllabus of training. You will require a minimum of 25 hours of instructional flying time made up of both dual training and solo supervision, this is a minimum Flylight time requirement and in most cases can take longer.

Flying lessons are booked as a two-hour slot that allows for up to one hour flying and time for briefing and debriefing.

Your microlight training can be done in a way to suit you. With no set time frame you can chose to fly regularly or to your flight training around your lifestyle. The pre-paid lesson rate gives you a discount on our standard hourly rate when you purchase a pack of 5 lessons. Whether you are starting from scratch, getting back into flying, or need a little extra confidence building, we can make a Microlight flight training programme to suit you. Dual Training can be as little as £90 per hour when using your own aircraft.

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The requirements to obtain a NPPL licence, microlight rating are:

  • Minimum of 25 hours total flying time including 10 hours solo
  • Two qualifying cross country flights of 40 nautical miles
  • General Flying Test
  • An oral exam
  • 5 multiple-choice exams: Principles of flight, Air law, Navigation, Meteorology and Human factors

The above licence requirements are minimum flying hours and do not guarantee a pass; everyone learns at different rates and the time it takes to qualify varies


We run evening theory lesson to prepare students for the exams, making the learning process more enjoyable. These Microlight theory classes run from October to February covering all the topics required for your National Private Pilots License. One to one tuition is also available upon request.


All Microlight aircraft have to be built by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved companies to rigorous airworthiness standards. Recent statistics from the CAA showed microlight aircraft to be the safest form of private aviation in the UK. However any aircraft is only as safe as the pilot who files it, therefore thorough training and common sense are both vital in the making of a safe pilot.

To ensure that we provide you with the best tuition available Airways Microlight Training offers additional training to student offering more in-depth understanding not only of flying experience but owning and maintaining aircraft. Our team boasts one of the best facilities in the country with a broad range of instructors, inspectors, examiners and engineers all at your disposal.