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Microlighting Lessons

Airways Airsports are providers of Microlight lessons, and we are recognised as being one of the most experienced Microlight flying schools in the country. Our highly experienced Microlight instructors can offer you the best flylight lessons you could ask for.

We aim to teach the student at their pace to produce not just qualified pilots but fully rounded airmen (or women). Our team is comprised of multi disciplined instructors with a broad range of experiences from commercial pilots, world record breaking airmen, test pilots, examiners, aircraft inspectors, aircraft engineers to highly experienced private pilots. With a combined 60years of Microlighting and over 20,000+ instructional hours flown, Airways Microlight Training can offer you the best flight training around.

Microlight Flying Experience

Join us on one of our  Microlight Flying Experiences and enjoy your first flying lesson.  Take to the skies in either a flex-wing Microlight or Sports Light aircraft with one of our experienced and friendly instructors. 

Airways Airsports offers several types of Microlight Flying Experiences.  You can book a 20, 30 or 60-minute Trial Flight in one of our Microlight or sports light aircraft or choose a Microlight Flight Package taking you on a tour of the Peak District National Park, or even over the “Dambusters run” reservoir. 

You can book a Microlight Flying Experience over the phone – call the office on 01335 344308 – or book online and get your e-voucher delivered today. All vouchers are valid for 9 months from the purchase date. ALL OUR VOUCHERS ARE COVID 19 PROTECTED.

Microlight – Flex wing

At Airways Airsports Microlight Training we offer air experience flights and microlight lessons and training courses using two different kinds of microlight – flexwing and fixed wing. A microlight is a small, light aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of under 450 kg.

Flexwing microlights have a “hang glider” shaped wing with a trike unit below, containing the engine, seats and landing gear.  Flexwings are open cockpit aircraft, exposed to the elements, with either two seats (passenger seated behind the pilot) or a single seat. They are steered by the pilot moving the trike unit from side to side and forward and aft.

All our microlight instructors are highly experienced pilots and you will really enjoy your flying experience of microlighting at Airways Airsports, whether you come for a single microlight trial lesson or a full microlight course.

If you want to buy something special for a birthday or other celebration, why not treat them to a microlight experience?  You can choose from a range of options among our gift vouchers 

Flex Wing - Single Seat Deregulated & Sub 70kg

Single Seat De-Regulation (SSDR) & Sub 70kg has opened up access to many wonderful flying machines to the solo microlight pilot. There is the possibility of further cross-credit routes to a microlight licence from hang glider and paraglider power ratings.

Microlighting Courses and Costs

Trial lesson 30 minutes


Includes an additional briefing and debriefing

Microlight Experience Flight

Trial lesson 1 hour


Includes an additional briefing and debriefing

Microlight Experience Flight

5 hour lesson pack


See what fun you'll have